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Branding & UI/UX design agency based in Peshawar, Pakistan

Ribble Studio is founded and run by designers. We are creative, branding and digital design agency based on a few simple ideas: be passionate, be smart and always put the brand first. Then we collect alike minded team, let them think freely and create without anything holding them back. From there, it was just a matter of doing what we love every day.
We work for clients who value creative and practical ideas. We demonstrate our expertise through our work rather than talking because the design is, first and foremost, a craft for us. As a multidisciplinary agency, we benefit from offering our clients a broad range of creative services, whether that be website design, advertising, design for print, branding, or user experiences, In turn, this means the brands we work with benefit from consistency across all of their communications.



We take every step into consideration to provide the highest level services that meet our customer requirements. We continually struggle to improve our services while following the best practices.



We strive for transparency, honesty, and integrity that make us stand by our promises. Trust and effective communication make us even more committed to what we do.



We strongly believe in creativity and new ideas in providing services that are carefully researched & analyzed. We come with innovative solutions, not only to solve problems but to value your business.



While considering the tiniest detail, we strive to provide exceptional services and superior customer experience through quality and performance to stand out your business.

Among our clients

Among our clients


A showcase of our works

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How we can be useful for you

Our Prodigious Services

We offer expertise in designing and user experiences. Please check out our services offered below.


A company and its products without a brand may never exist. At Ribble Studio, we strive to create brands that engage people and inspire the target audience with a lasting impact. From a winning brand strategy to management, we take its full responsibility.

Logo Design

Having years of experience in delivering stunning and impactful designs, our dedicated team of designers strive to provide unique and market competitive logos that make your brand appealing, shine and stand out to impress your customers.

Web Design

Are you looking to grow more leads and transform visitor into customers? A professional website can help drive users to actions that accomplish your goals. We deliver customized, result-oriented, and user-centered experiences that focus on customer engagement.

UI/UX Design

Our creative designers tirelessly work to design unique, aesthetic and eye-catching designs that fulfill customer’s dreams. We create interactive and responsive designs that lead the businesses beyond their goals. We promise to artistically deliver rich user experience.

Graphic Design

Our professional designers will help your business publish stunning, unique, and innovative visuals to grab customer attention. We bring your ideas into reality with fascinating visuals. We take care of your entire visuals for website, social media, and marketing purposes.


Having a well-versed team in the WordPress ecosystem, we develop intuitive websites that support your business needs. We serve start-ups and businesses to help them grow by driving more traffic and sales. From business & e-commerce websites to customization & support we provide full services.


Highly qualified specialists

Haroon Basheer

Founder | UI/UX Designer

E: haroon@ribblestudio.com
T: (+92) 334 9111 777


I am a creative problem solver with experience across all mediums and have a passion for elevating brands through great visual design. I love to work with brands who are seeing a refresh, or who just want to continue evolving and looking towards the future.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-04 at 12.59.35 PM

Khan Zeb

Co-Founder | Graphic Designer

E: zeb@ribblestudio.com
T: (+92) 313 9000 274


I’m a visual designer— well versed in taking not much more than a good idea and helping turn that into a living breathing entity, from creative concept through to execution.


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Peshawar, Pakistan





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